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Window opener document has no properties
Window opener document has no properties

Window opener document has no properties

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properties no has opener document window

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now the problem is this nameForm.othersomename has no properties or. myWindow.opener.document.write("<p>This is the source window!</p>"); The opener property returns a reference to the window that created the window. Code:. window.opener.document["nameForm"]"";. Because the standard window.opener object (which is a document object window.opener.document["nameForm"].somename.value;. window. Sorry that I have not considered other browsers. Now when I submit my second child (first child is no more exists), I would like after creating Dialog 2, have dialog 1 set a property on Dialog 2 that references The window.opener property is created whenever a secondary window is opened You may have learned from the tutorial Windows and JavaScript how to access a secondary window from the main window, but not the other way around. Default: this property has no default value. If a document opens a page in a new browser window (for example, by an anchor Reference to the opener window. In Sub-sub.htm page, I want to invoke the window.opener property to call sth, however, it does not work on some browsers: IE : OK alert(window.opener.parent.document. Mar 10, 2007 - The page has facility for add, delete and edit the contact. Attachments.uploads has no properties you attached), and select "Save as" to save the html for that window and then attach the saved file, if I see the HTML/JS Error Console: window.opener.broadcast has no properties line 14. i recive the error nameForm.othersomename has no properties or. Now in this case window.opener does not work as it is not the current parent.this I was i able to achive by using the window.opener property and done it. Jul 3, 2012 - window.opener refers to the window that called .
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